Home Buyers

Save yourself the headache by knowing which steps to take through the entire buying process.

Gain a competitive buying advantage by taking the right steps.

Step 1

Find a Realtor You Can Trust

Step 1

Find a Realtor you can trust to always be on your side.

You are already here,

so step 1 is complete

Step 2

Get Prequalified and Find an Insurance Agent

Step 2

Know your budget and be ready to make the winning offer by talking to your mortgage banker. 

Having your home owners policy ready will reduce the time needed for closing.

There are a number of great people in the area that can help. We have some links below.

Step 3

Let's Find the Property of Your Dreams!

First Time Home Buyers

There are many different programs available to help first time home buyers. Including down payment assistance and much more. If you are a first-time home buyer, be sure to let your agent know to make sure you take full advantage.

Information about the programs available to first time home buyers. Learn More

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